Damavand Thermals

Damavand Thermal Springs and Public SPA Mt Damavand Hot Springs, Larijan Thermal Springs, Abe Garm Larijan Damawand has some thermal springs with therapeutic qualities, these minral hot spring are mainly located on the volcano’s flanks and at the base, giving evidence of volcanic heat comparatively near the surface of the earth.

Although Damavand is believed to be extinct and while no historic eruptions of the Volcano Damavand are recorded, hot springs on the flanks of the volcano and fumaroles (steam vents) in the summit crater suggest that a hot or cooling magma body is still present beneath the Volcano Damavand.

This continuing activity, while minor, sulphorous fumaroles still emit gases at the peak, and hot springs in the valleys testify to a remaining heat source, indicates that Mt Damawand is a dormant rather than an extinct volcano.

Abe Garm Larijan The most important of these hot springs are located in Abe Garm Larijan, in a village by the same name in the district of Larijan in Lar Valley.

The water from this spring is useful in the treatment of chronic wounds, and skin diseases.Near these springs there are some public baths with small pools for public use.

If you have enough time after your climb to Mount Damawand, it is a good idea to go to Abe Garm Larijan 5 km from Reyneh, which you may use the benefit of mineral hot water springs of Damavand and spend a night there.

Taking a bath in the basin of hot minaral water of Larijan let you forget about all the exhaustion of the climb very fast, and of course, dont forget the persian chelo kabab afterward!


ab= Water

garm= Warm, Hot

Larijan or Larigan= a smal city located in the south east of Demavand

Reyneh= a town city located in the south of Demavand

abe garm Larijan = hot spring of Larijan

chelo kabab = a delicious Iranian food you must test it yourself


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