Pole khab wall

Pol-e-Khab also written as PoleKhab or Pole Khab is the name of a famous climbing cliff about 35Km north to Karaj city with the top height of 2350m, and about 200m top-down height.

Profile of the climbing rocks are sedimentary rocks about 20 to 150 meters. The cliff is on the eastern side of Khuan-Kahar(3378m).

There are several 20 to 150 meters opened routs in various degree of hardness from moderately hard to very hard on the cliff named as : Parastouha, Karajiha, Shaghayegh(5.12), Davoudi, Iran(5.13 b), Shirin(5.10d),… climbing the routes will varies from 3 hours to a long day depending on the hardness of the route being climbed.

The routes are solid, secure and safe being set up by fixed protections like rolls.

Best Time: May-June



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Driving about 30+Km on Karaj-Chalous road you will enter the Karaj dam area the tunnels and road beside the dam lake is about 8~10Km long and some very steep to vertical tall rocky slopes cover the whole west side of the road the summits of this slopes look impressive but they are all about of under 2500m high and seem to be un-named and not being climbed, but at the end part of the trail at the small Pol-e-Khab village there is this cliff named Pol-e-Khab which is the taste of many Iranian rock climbers.

About 15 minutes walking from Karaj-Chalous road toward the cliff, you will reach the base ! then you can climb or camp.
There are several restaurants, small food stores and private or renting villas around the road and near Pol-e-Khab.


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