Alvars resort

Alvars resort

The foothills of Sabalan Mountain are full of pristine and spectacular attractions; one of these attractions is the Alvars ski resort.

This ski resort is one of the largest ones in Iran in terms of size, which is located only 24 km away from Sarein.  The height of the ski resort is 3,200 meters above sea level and has facilities such as a cable car and elevator.  It’s great to know that the ski resort has snow for six to eight months of the year so lots of skiers will enjoy their holiday in Alvars. However, the summers of the Alvars region are beautiful too. In the middle of the season, you can enjoy the cool and pleasant and vast plains of colorful flowers such as Mountain Anemones. The official opening date of the ski resort backs to 2006, it’s great to hear that Alvars doesn’t use only for professionals. there are also lots of amateur skiers that come here and learn to ski by the experts and mentors so with every skill and ability, IMT inviter you to ski in Alvares ski resort.

Facilities of Alvares ski resort

The length of the ski resort is about one thousand two hundred meters, which can be reached by cable car.  There is also a motorcycle piste, karting track, cable car, restaurant, handicraft booth, and amusement park in this complex.


Location of Alvares ski resort

As we told you, this ski resort is located 24 km from Sarein.

For reaching there, drive from Ardabil towards Sarein, then continue towards "Oujur" and "Alvāresi" villages.  Next, continue to Chai Gozi region (100 meters after Alvāresi village) on the right and reach the ski resort.