Experience staying in one of the highest hotels of the world!

Experience staying in one of the highest hotels of the world!

Tochal Hotel Tehran is a three-star one, that located in the heights of Tehran. The hotel was opened on large land with an area of ​​2,430 square meters in 2001, and with the proximity to the Tochal ski resort, it’s popular among skiers! Tochal Mountain Hotel is built on two floors and offers a spectacular and unique staying for guests with the spectacular view of snowy mountains in winter and the lush heights of Alborz in summer. Of course, it’s amazing to know that the hotel doesn’t accept children under 7 years old due to its high altitude!
IMT recommends skiing in the Tochal resort and overnight in this great hotel.


Facilities of Tochal Mountain Hotel

The hotel has 30 rooms and suites that are spread on the first and second floors. The rooms include 4 single rooms, 12 double rooms, 8 twin double rooms, all of them have a unique and beautiful view of the Alborz mountains range.

Guests can enjoy the hotel's leisure facilities such as billiards and video games during their stay in this hotel, other facilities and services of the hotel include a lobby, library, medical services, air conditioning system, free internet, Iranian health service and etc. Tochal Mountain Hotel has a unique restaurant with quality food that professional chefs will serve a variety of Persian and French dishes in a pleasant environment with a spectacular view. The hotel also has a coffee shop, where you can enjoy a warm brownie with fresh cakes during the winter evening and enjoy your stay. The rooms of the Resort Hotel have facilities such as an indoor movie theater, internet, TV, and refrigerator. Services such as 24-hour room service and free breakfast are also available to hotel guests. Other services and facilities of Tochal Hotel include a fire alarm system, bathroom, daily cleaning and essential medical services.


Location of hotel and other information

The hotel is located in the 7th Station of Tochal cable car, and with the proximity to the ski resort, you will no longer need to stay in long queues for cable cars! To reach the resort hotel, go to the Tochal complex and take the cable car, upon entering the seventh station, the hotel building shows itself.

Finally, it should be noted that due to the mountainous nature of the resort hotel, pregnant women, people over 55 and under 8 years old and people with cardiovascular diseases, cannot be admitted to this hotel.

Website: www.hotel.tochal.org

Contact number: 009821 2241 8000