Meygon Hotel

Meygon Hotel

Meygun tourist hotel located in the heart of the soaring mountains of Central Alborz, in the Fasham district of ​​Tehran.
The hotel opened in 1971 and has been remade in 2009 to improve services and quality of rooms for travelers and tourists. This hotel has the most beautiful natural geographical location among the hotels of the region, at an altitude overlooking the city of Meygun, with an attractive and unique view during the four seasons of the year. The location is very convenient in area, which makes this hotel special compared to other neighboring accommodation centers so if you love enjoy the mountain atmosphere and have a great accommodation, we recommend you Meygun hotel.


Facilities of hotel

This mountain hotel is one of the top ones in Iran and built on 4 floors and has 24 rooms with good quality and suitable facilities. Meygun hotel has 18 double rooms, 6 quadruple suites, 6 quadruple duplex villas, and 6 ordinary quadruple villas.

Some of the other facilities are:

balcony, clothes rack, wardrobe, toiletries, breakfast, refrigerator, lampshade, room phone, TV, bathroom, room service, desk, electronic charging, heating and cooling system, announcement system Fire is the air conditioning and fire extinguishing systems in the room, TV, and Internet.
Also, you can find a coffee shop, restaurant, billiard hall, lobby, laundry, walking path, and traditional inn.  It’s great to know that the restaurant of the hotel has a spectacular view of the heights and soaring mountains of Shemiran so you will enjoy not only food but also the view. The windows of the rooms of Meygun hotel are also facing the mountains and will give you a lot of peace so experience extremely relaxing moments by staying here. Each season has a special nature so you can stay in the hotel during mild and warm seasons, and do some activities like hiking near waterfalls, caving or mountaineering. Also, you can ski in cold seasons and use the ski resorts near the hotel.

Location and other information

Meygun hotel is located in Shemiran area, after Fasham Road. The main distance of this hotel to Tehran is about 40 km.  Start from Tehran to Shahid Babaei highway and move east to Lashgarak road. Next, continue to Sohanak and Ghuchak Pass, after reaching Lashgarak Square, you should enter Fasham Road. From this road, move towards Meygun, and continue the Fasham road. After a short walk, you will see the entrance sign of the hotel.


Telephone number of the hotel: 009821 2625 1280