Larijan Hot Spring; from the heart of Damavand Mt.

Larijan Hot Spring; from the heart of Damavand Mt.

Did you know about hot springs and their properties? Have you ever experienced to relax in nature hot springs?
Iranian hot springs have the ability to relieve muscle pain, skin diseases and antifungal properties, this method is also used for people who cannot be very active. Larijan hot spring is one of the tourist areas near Tehran that attracts many tourists every year. This mineral water, which originates from the boiling springs of Damavand mountain, also has good natural and recreational attractions. The hot spring is located near the city of Rineh, Larijan, in Mazandaran province and has a discharge of one thousand liters per second.  Its temperature is between 65 and 70 degrees Celsius, which reaches about 40 degrees in pools, the taste of this water is unpleasant and the smell of hydrogen sulfide. It’s great to know that this hot spring has magnesium bicarbonate salts, which are effective for the treatment of skin, joint and infectious diseases.


Best season to relax in Larijan hot spring

In any season, you can travel to the Larijan and enjoy relaxing in hot springs.  The city is one of the cold villages, but if you don’t have a problem with snow on the way, going to these hot springs in winter will be pleasant and unforgettable. If you have enough time after your climb to Mount Damavand, it is a good idea to go to Abe Garm Larijan 5 km from Reyneh, which you may use the benefit of mineral hot water springs of Damavand and spend a night there. Taking a bath in the basin of hot minaral water of Larijan let you forget about all the exhaustion of the climb very fast, and of course, don’t forget the persian chelo kabab afterward!

vocabulary! abe= Water garm= Warm


Facilities of Larijan hot springs

All hot springs equipped with swimming and jacuzzi pools, and all other necessary ones.

Location of Larijan hot spring

The access road to the hot spring is Haraz road; after 70 km you reach to Gazanak region, then continue to the city of Larijan through an asphalt route, there are two other roads to Rineh and Niak villages but the main road of Larijan is a bit narrow and it takes about 10 minutes to reach, you can find the way easily by GPS apps.