The most technical mountain of Iran

The most technical mountain of Iran

Iran; the land of different and dazzling mountains, is always ready to make you surprised! There are lots of mountain lovers and climbers that travel to Iran for it's great and unbelievable peaks yearly. The country is famous for mountaineering and rock climbing and ski back country.

Stay with "Iran mountain travel" to know the most technical mountain of Iran and all required details, if you are interested in rock-climbing.

Foots won't enough for climbing here! In this post, we will introduce one of the most famous mountains of Iran; Alam- Kuh. Alam- Kuh is the name of a mountain with a height of 4,850 meters, which is located in the area of Takht-e Soleiman. Alam-Kuh peak is the second highest peak in Iran after Damavand Mt. (5,610 meters) Most of this peak is famous for its wall, which is located on its northern slope and has the most technical and difficult climbing and rock-climbing routes in Iran. So, if you are interested to rock climbing, Alam-Kuh is the right place. Alam- Kuh base is close to Tehran and easy to reach in a half day. The mountain is located 20 km southwest of Kelardasht city in Mazandaran province. Rudbarak and Kelardasht are the closest cities of Mazandaran province to this region.

From the northern front of this mountain overlooks Kelardasht and on the southern front this mountain overlooks Taleghan. Climbing the wall of Alam-Kuh is one of the attractions of the Iranian mountaineering world. Climbers and technical ones always consider climbing this wall of mountain science as an important goal and go to it after practicing for a long time. What makes Alam-Kuh unique? On the northern front of this peak, there is a massive mountain wall 650 meters long, which is one of the most beautiful and difficult ones in Iran.

This area has 47 peaks above 4,000 meters, which attracts a large number of mountaineering teams every year to climb these peaks. The north-northeast front of Alam-Kuh peak consists of a granite mountain wall of approximately 650 meters. If a height of 800 meters is mentioned for this wall, it is not wrong because Alamchal glacier has reached an approximate height (average of 4,050 meters) at the foot of this wall with a relatively steep slope. The material of this wall is porous granite and light fawn color. It’s great to know that Alam-Kuh is well known for all international climbers all around world and not only Iranian climbers, but also German, French, Polish, Italian and other nationalities attend to the mountain every year. The climbers have climbed the various routes of this wall. The Polish and -French pollen route is one of the first to open on the wall.

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To climb this wall requires complete preparation. Dangers such as rock falls, sudden weather changes, rope-related issues, timing errors, slow ascents, and… were some of the issues that became problematic for climbers in different years.


Here are some tips to help you climb this beautiful wall:

• Work hard on your climbing skills before heading to the wall of mountain science.

• Depending on the route you are going to climb, you will need to upgrade your climb (artificial / free or aid climbing).

• Practicing on different routes, especially climbing in hi altitude, is very important in achieving success in climbing the routes of this wall.

• As in Alam-Kuh you start climbing from above 4000m, you need to be good acclimatized before ascend.

• Should better porters avoiding carry heavy pack before you climbing.

• Check Alam-Kuh topo on our website to have a good vision of the wall. "Iran mountain travel" tried to give useful information in short text and minimum words. Actually, the required information to climb a mountain like Alam-Kuh is more that above so we always here to give you more!