Dena range part 1 - A place for mountains above 4,000m

Dena range part 1 - A place for mountains above 4,000m

Dena mountain range is the highest mountain and longest subrange of the Zagros and has a ridge with approximately 90 km length included Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad, Isfahan and Fars provinces. Dena range has 49 peaks above 4,000 meters and it’s like a unique gem in the mountains of Iran.  Most of the people believe that Dena is a peak but actually it’s a mountain range.  Dena city is located 35 km northwest of Yasuj to the center of Sisakht city at an altitude of 2200 meters above sea level. This city has 63 villages, of which 51 villages are located in the southern part and 12 villages in the northern part.
First of all, let us talk about the nearest city to this mountain range; Sisakht. The city is the center of Dena region, which is located 35 km away from Yasuj, the capital of this province. For going to Yasuj, you can transfer from Khuzestan province via Behbahan, Fars province via Shiraz or Eghlid, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province through Lordegan and Isfahan province via Semirom. Dena mountain range is stretched from northwest to southeast, which is divided into three main ranges and a vertical sub-range by three passes, Bijan, Moorgol West and Pootak, each of which we will briefly review in the following so be with IMT and read the text completely.

How to climb to Dena mountain

The central range of Dena continues from Bijan pass at an altitude of 3,200 meters to the western Moorgol pass at an altitude of 4100 meters and has 18 peaks above 4,000 meters!
The northwestern range of the Dena is called the western flank, starting from the western Moorgol Pass and the peaks of the Khafr and ending at the summit of Qadvis, which has 21 peaks above 4,000 meters.

This area is home to the most pristine and inaccessible peaks of Dena, and there are only a few limited routes to reach the heights of this section, most of which are unusable in winter.

The lesser known and ascended North Dena sub-ridge has four peaks above 4,000 meters, also known as the pyramids.

The southeastern ridge is called the eastern side, starting from Bijan pass and Karmo snow peak (4,111 m) and continues to Kūh-e Pāzan Pīr at 4,280 m height and has 9 peaks above 4,000 m.
To climb Kūh-e Pāzan Pīr, which is the highest peak on the eastern side of Dena, you can also cross the Kaboutari route on the Yasuj- Kakan road and climb the eastern side of the peak.
The highest peak of Dena range and also the big Zagros range is called Qash Mastan or Bijan III peak. In next part, we will explain all ascending routes of Bijan III peak and special flora and fauna of region so don’t miss the second part and be with IMT.