Oshtoran Kuh

Oshtoran Kuh

There are lots of great mountains in Zagros region that worth to climb. Have you ever heard about Oshtran kuh? IMT will explain the peak, the shelters and flora and fauna of this mountain in the text.

Oshtoran Kuh is a mountain range in the east of Lorestan province and one of the highest mountain ranges of Zagros. The highest peak of Oshtran kuh is "Sanboran" peak with a height of 4,150 meters.

The most important and famous peaks of Oshtran kuh ridge from north to south are as following:

  • Gol Gol 4,050 meters
  • Gol Gahar 4,045 meters
  • Sanboran 4,150 meters (highest peak)

This ridge is approximately 18 km far southwest of Azna city to the Cheqa Gorg mountain region in the south and is considered one of the most difficult and technical ridges in Iran, which extends approximately 30 km long!

The topography of the region

The peaks of Oshtran kuh are in the form of arches with a large glacier at the end of each arc, which is the distance between two important peaks. All the eastern and western sides of Oshtran kuh are surrounded by big walls, which can be used to climb the eastern edges of the region in a better way. There are glacial areas in the heights of Oshtran kuh, which are called “CHAL” in the local term. Among these ones, we can mention Chal Mishan, Chal Kaboud, Chal Boran, Chal Fileson, Chal Shah Takht, Chal Piaro and Chal Homayoun. But it's not all beautiful scenes of the mountain, Gaharrood valley is a very beautiful lake which is famous as Gahar lake and one of the most important and beautiful natural elements of Oshtran kuh mountain.

As you know, Shelters are one if the most important places in mountain, there are several shelters in Oshtran kuh, the information are as following;

  • Cheshmeh Gol Gol shelter (old)

Altitude: 2,650 meters

Features: Capacity of 10 people

Possibility of climbing: in all seasons

Nearest village: Tion-Bidestaneh

Available peaks: Sanbaran, Gol Gol, Gol Gohar, Chal Kaboud

Date of renovation: 1998

Building area: 12 meters

  • Cheshmeh Gol Gol shelter (new)

Altitude: 2,600 meters

Facilities: Capacity 30 people

Possibility of climbing: in all seasons according to the plan

Available peaks: Sanbaran, Gol Gol, Kahr Gol, Fialeh Seven, Pazan Pir, Kole Live, Chal Kaboud

Building area: 50 meters

  • Chal Kaboud

Altitude: 3,400 meters

Features: Metal shelter with plywood floor - capacity of 15 people

Available peaks: Sen Bran, Gol Gol, Kahr Gol, Fialeh Seon, Chal Kaboud

Date of construction: 1956

Area: 12 meters


Flora and fauna of Oshtoran Kuh region

There are different plants and fruits like Astragalus, rhubarb and steppes on the gentle slope of some parts of natural flowers is a suitable place for animals living in Oshtran kuh where they give birth and feed.

Animal species include brown bears, foxes, hyenas, boars, gray wolves, antelopes, rams, and birds include eagles, partridges, owls, ducks, and falcons, all of which are protected by the environment.


What's the best time to climb Oshtoran Kuh?

The best time to climb the Oshtran kuh ridge is late June to late July.

Condition of peaks in winter: Winter climbing to Oshtran kuh region is difficult and with serious problems. The heavy volume of snow under the blue hole and the exposure to the combined paths of ice, snow and rock are the features of Oshtran kuh winter.

Oshtran kuh mountain range, like Qali Kooh and Zard Kooh, is one of the wateriest mountains in Iran, and for this reason, small rivers originate from many peaks of Oshtran kuh, such as Goharrud, and the beautiful Gohar Lake, which is one of the most important tourist areas of Iran, is located on the southwestern slopes of the Gohar River valley.

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