Ski touring Damavand<

Ski touring Damavand

Mount Damavand is the highest ski resort in Iran for ski mountaineering, ski touring, wild ski expedition and snowboard. Damavand receives heavy snowfalls in winter because of its vicinity to the Caspian Sea. The south route is not technical and is an ideal route for ski and snowboard. Skiing on other sides is more difficult. Depending to the weather the amount of snowfall is different each year, the ski season may starts from mid November and last until mid May. South side of mount Damavand is not so steep. Also there is no crevasse in the region. But it is a high mountain, where the snow is wind packed and icy in its higher altitudes. In fact, you should expect different types of snow in different altitudes. We recommend ski touring of Damavand to those who are fit and have previous experience of winter ascents and ski mountaineering in lower mountains.

Price :580

Date :Friday, April 10, 2020

Duration :7


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