Sabalan; a volcano in northwest

Sabalan; a volcano in northwest

Sabalan is considered by nature lovers because of its natural hot springs, beautiful summer nature, beautiful lake at the top of the mountain. All the peaks of Sabalan area are covered with ice and permanent snow all year round. Also, there is a ski resort called " Alvars” which is of interest to tourists. Iran Mountain Travel (IMT) will introduce the ski resort in other texts, follow us on the website and don’t miss this dazzling information.

Where is Sabalan mountain?

Sabalan is the third highest peak in Iran and a dormant volcanic mountain. The height of its highest peak called "Sultan Savalan" reaches 4,811 meters. Sabalan Mountain overlooks the three cities of Ardabil, Ahar and Meshgin shahr. This mountain is located 25 km southeast of Meshgin shahr and about 40 km from Ardabil.
One of the most breath breaking scenes of Sabalan is a special rock; on the western face of Sultan Savalan, there is a stone in the shape of an eagle, which over time has become a symbol of Sabalan mountain. This dazzling piece of rock, which is truly a miracle of nature, is in the shape of an eagle that sits and turns its head to the east! Sabalan region has a total of 3 famous peaks. The highest peak is known as “Sultan”. The other two peaks are also called “Kasra” and “Heram”. Sabalan is a dormant volcanic mountain that starts from Qarah Su valley in the northwest of Ardabil and extends in the east-west to Qushadagh mountain.
Sabalan stratified volcanic cone is occupied by surface lavas with an area of ​​1200 square kilometers. It’s interesting to know that there is the existence of a lake at the top of Sabalan mountain, which attracts many tourists to this area. This oval lake is located at an altitude of 4,811 meters and has a depth of about 40 meters. The lake has zero degrees Celsius temperature in warm months and its water is clear. Clear algae and crustaceans are the main living organisms of the lake.
Another attraction of this region, which can be considered as a symbol of Sabalan, is a natural stone in the shape of an eagle on the western front, just before the peak of Sabalan.


Routes to climb Sabalan peak

  • Northeast route: It is the most common route among climbers and ordinary climbers can easily do summer climbing in a few hours. This route starts from Shabil hot spring located in the south of Lahroud city on Ardabil road to Meshgin shahr and reaches the peak by the eastern ridge.
    The northeastern refuge is the holy Moghadas Ardabili Hosseiniyah. Mobile phones antennas are available at this height.
  • Western route: It starts from Qara Gol Lake and after passing through the Heram glacier, it reaches the western refuge and then the peak of Sabalan.
    The eagle stone that we mentioned at the beginning of the article is located on this front. There are also rocks in the form of foxes, king, and queen!
  • South route: It starts from the south of the peak and leads to the peak near the peak by the eastern edge. This route has no refuge and this front is the most difficult way to climb the peak of Sabalan, it is composed of large rocks and Alvares ski slope is located in this route.


Flora and fauna of Sabalan region

The slopes of Sabalan have more than 3,000 species of plants, among which the genus Mint, Rose, Poppy, Lily, Pea, Nightshade, Sagebrush, chicken, and a variety of plants are found in abundance, some of which have a specific odor. There are also lots of local flowers in the region so honey produced in these areas is of higher quality than in other areas. Due to the long distance from the urban center and the mountainous nature of the region, the density of settlements is low and this has reduced human activity and created security for wildlife.
This region has considerable biodiversity due to its vast mountainous ecosystem, abundant natural features, and diverse climate.
Important species of wildlife in this area are Leopard, Whole, Otters (forest, stone, blue), Hedgehog, Lynx, Wolf, Mink, Boar, Jackal, Wild Cat, and Rabbits.

Among the most important species of native birds in the region, the following can be mentioned: Golden Eagle, Forest Eagle, Vulture, Marine, Lily, Wild Owl, Little Owl, Green Coracias. Other prominent reptiles in the region include different snakes like Fire Snakes, Alpine vipers,  and also Lizards, and Turtles and especially important Tortoises.


The best time to climb Sabalan peak

Naturally, the best season for skiers is winter. IMT can provide Sabalan ski tours for you in piste or off ones. Otherwise, summer is the best time to travel to Sabalan.  You can try the hot water of Sabalan and remember that the best time to climb Sabalan is from around June or July to the end of September when the temperature is higher and relatively warmer.